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  From the turbulent urban streets of Mobile, Alabama, Aguny Ase, born Michael McPherson, is undoubtedly the one of hottest undiscovered talents in hip hop music today. His music, characterized by powerful and authentic lyrics with a pulse pounding rhythmic flow, is felt through the soul of his listeners.  With a thunderous voice that captivates his audience, Aguny Ase draws on his chaotic and harsh childhood to create lyrics that listeners can relate to in the ghettos and suburban regions around the world. His music can be heard and purchased on several platforms including Pandora, Google Play Store, iTunes, Spotify, and many others.

As a hip hop artist, producer, songwriter, and audio engineer, Aguny Ase is the definition of hard work and dedication.  His musical talents also include playing a wide array of instruments which give him a superior edge in his craft. With his extensive knowledge of music and engineering, the result is an incredibly cutting edge sound all composed and recorded in his studio. He has been featured on and produced tracks that showcase major hip hop artists such as Fabolous, Yuk Mouth, and B-Legit. Some of his influences include Tu-Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Michael Jackson and many others.

To date, Aguny Ase has released three CD’s: “Consumption,” “Beware,” and “Screams of an Orphan,” which can be found on, the Google Play Store, and iTunes. Reviewers are saying, “This is real hip hop! Must listen!” “This track is legit!” and “The production is on point.”  One song in particular, “Screams of an Orphan”, explains his turbulent childhood but also demonstrates his strength and faith in God. He also records and produces beat tracks which can be found at and Aguny Ase possesses all of the necessary fundamentals to unlock colossal new growth in hip hop music today. Visit his website at for details about his upcoming album, “On the One” coming soon.  He can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by typing Aguny Ase in the search tab.

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