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An Interview In Front Of A Prison Goes Drastically Wrong — BUSTED!!!

By bigboybeats on Jun 17, 2015 in Funny , Shocking News - 0 Comments



How do inmates get drugs smuggled into prison? This video gives some really good insight into that.There have been plenty of theories of ways that have worked. Every time the Correctional Officers figure out one way, they lock it down. Then, another sprouts up in its place!There is no end of ways to smuggle things into prison. Correctional Officers themselves have brought items in because they don’t get checked. Sometimes, they get paid to do it. Other times, they get blackmailed to do it.But, there are other ways to get it done. Visitors go to the bathroom and drop things into the toilet. When they flush, a guy located in the basement is there to catch it.But, the guy in this video here is hilarious. He must be oblivious to what’s going on around him. Either that, or he just doesn’t care! It’s during an interview on the show On The Record with Greta Van Susteren when a journalist is doing a story about what looks like the prisoners who recently escaped prison.The journalist is standing in front of the prison and something funny takes place right behind her. If you have ever wondered how these two guys got out or how anyone can get things into prison, what happens in this video just might be your answer!SHARE this with your friends and watch what happens in the background during a new piece right on national television!


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